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17+Years of Silicone Rubber Product Design & Manufacturing Experience

Our Factory Specializes In Custom Silicone Products & Custom Rubber Products, We are a silicone products manufacturer & rubber products manufacturer with over 17 years of experience.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping can be ready within 3-5 work days with 3D printing & CNC machining.


We can produce flexible quantities according to your needs.

Quality Guarantee

Zetar Passed FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949 & TUV Certification.

Silicone Rubber Parts Solution

Silicone Rubber Molded Products

LSR Injection Molding

Silicone Rubber Overmolding

Silicone Rubber Mold

One Stop Solution For Your Silicone Rubber Parts

Looking for a custom silicone rubber molded parts supplier?

Zetar is the perfect partner for your silicone rubber products needs. We can provide Silicone Rubber Molded Products, Silicone Rubber Overmolding, Silicone Rubber Insert Molding, LSR Injection Molding, Silicone Rubber Mold for Soap, Cake, Icecube, Candy, etc.

With our wide range of products and industries we serve, we are confident that we can provide the perfect silicone rubber parts solution for your business.

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Converting Ideas Into Reality

Idea Reality

With Zetar, you can have your project come true in a matter of days. With more than 20 English-speakers and 7 experienced engineers on hand to support the process from idea to reality – let us help turn your dream into a reality!

No matter what style of silicone rubber molded products you want to manufacture, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. we are  experienced rubber products manufacturer and silicone products supplier.

How We Work

Get your Idea

Communicate your ideas with our sales and engineers and get sketches of your plans

3D Model Design

Product engineers make the 3D model design according to your idea

Mold Design

Our mold engineer will do the mold design according to the 3D model


Some products require assembly and packaging services according to customer requirements

Product Produce

After mold finished, we will send the samples to customer for comfirmation, and then start the mass production

Mold Making

After the mold design finished, our silicone rubber mold maker will start the mold making process

Our Successful Projects

We Develop and Manufacture Custom Rubber Products and Custom Silicone Products for

Demanding Applications. Our focus is on creating value for our customers by providing

outstanding technical and manufacturing services. From design and materials engineering to

customer support, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence in the quality and

performance of the products we sell.

Custom Silicone Products

Custom Rubber Products

Why Choose Zetar

Zetar have passed the ISO, TS 16949, TUV and FDA, and we are a custom rubber products

factory and custom silicone products factory with over 17 years of experience.  Zetar has well-

educated young teams, who are professional in the fields of R&D, manufacturing, quality

control, marketing, and services. 

Zetar's Real Factory Video

We Invited SGS And Alibaba To Take Live Shooting Of Our Factory. This Video Will Also Be

Updated to Our Customers, so that they can see all aspects of our silicone products company &

rubber products company for a more comprehensive understanding!

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Silicone Rubber Mold Work Shop

Silicone Rubber Molded Work Shop

Quality Check Room

Samples Room

Assembly Room


Zetar's Quality Certification

Just email us, we can provide the original of the certification for you.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001


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