How to control the pressure and vulcanization time of silicone rubber tablets?

Introduction As a rubber compound one of the most important expressions of silicone, silicone rubber can maintain elasticity within a certain temperature range for a long time, has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, and can for example play a role in water resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance. It is widely used in industry […]

How high temperature can a silicone rubber sealing ring withstand?

Introduction Silicone sealing rings are mainly used for daily necessities such as crispers, lunch boxes, cups, ovens, water dispensers, kettles, etc., which require waterproof sealing and storage. If the sealing ring is missing, the sealing performance of these items will be lost and the significance of their existence will be greatly reduced. Silicone sealing ring […]

Can silicone rubber molding be automated

Introduction Automation technology has caused a significant shift in the silicone rubber molding process. This innovation enables the automation of various silicone rubber molding techniques like liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding and thermoplastic injection molding, as well as other related technologies. By making it possible to automate these processes, new manufacturing standards can be […]

What is the molding process of two-color silicone watch strap?

Introduction Smart watches are now the wearable accessories chosen by most young people. With the innovation of technology, major wearable accessories continue to expand their market share. The combination of silicone materials is indispensable for wearable smart products. Currently, silicone wristbands have basically become a commonly used material for smart wear. Two-color silicone watch strap […]

Can silicone rubber be recycled?

Introduction Silicone rubber is a testament to human ingenuity, a synthetic marvel designed to meet the needs of modern industry. Made from a blend of silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, this versatile polymer has found its way into fields ranging from automotive engineering to medical technology. Its elasticity under extreme conditions, coupled with its inertness, […]

What is silicone dispensing process?

Introduction These intricate apparatuses span from the manually operated to the wholly automated, each meticulously crafted to fulfill distinct industrial requisites with accuracy and efficacy. The evolution of dispensing processes technology has ushered in advancements such as digitized control systems, meticulous metering, and sophisticated feedback loops, guaranteeing uniform and precise silicone application. This technological progression […]