What is the molding process of two-color silicone watch strap?

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Smart watches are now the wearable accessories chosen by most young people. With the innovation of technology, major wearable accessories continue to expand their market share. The combination of silicone materials is indispensable for wearable smart products. Currently, silicone wristbands have basically become a commonly used material for smart wear. Two-color silicone watch strap processing is a popular watch product at present. How much do you know about silicone rubber products its processing technology?

Two-color silicone watch strap production guide

The two-color silicone watch strap is a fashionable and practical watch accessory that is popular for its unique two-color design and high-quality comfort. This kind of watch strap is usually composed of two different colors of silicone materials. Common combinations of silicone watch bands include black and black white, black and red, black and dark blue, etc. The two-color silicone strap not only provides the wearer with a comfortable wearing experience, but also adds a fashionable element to the watch.

Prepare materials

The mass production of two-color silicone watch straps requires the preparation of two different colors of silicone materials. The colors can be modulated according to customer needs. The prepared materials are prepared with color glue, curing agent, and material weight standards.

2. Silicone compression rubber molding

Silicone rubber molding is a three-layer mold middle plate processing. Since the product is an upper and lower two-color product, half of the molding needs to be completed first and then the whole part needs to be demoulded and taken out. The cloak processing is completed, and then the secondary pressing and molding is performed to achieve the secondary two-color color separation. Effectively, this processing method can be completed on the same set of silicone molds once. The mold is divided into two halves, one half is pressed and molded separately, and the other half is combined and molded twice.

3. Injection molding

Two-color watch strap injection molding: After the mold is closed, one color is injected first to complete the injection molding. After the injection molding is completed, the mold core is replaced and a second injection molding is performed to achieve a two-color band effect, and at the same time, the effect of complete color and line separation is achieved.

4. Release from the mold

The hardened silicone watch band is taken out from the mold and undergoes demoulding process. The unmoulded watch bands and strap may have some rough edges or imperfections that need to be corrected.

5. Trimming and inspection

After demoulding, the watch strap is trimmed to remove burrs or defects and is inspected for quality. Watch straps that pass the inspection can enter the next manufacturing process, while those that fail need to be revised or scrapped.

6. Assembly

The strap that passes the quality inspection needs to be assembled onto the watch. This step is usually done by hand, fixing the connecting part of the strap to the watch and adjusting it to the appropriate length.

7. Packaging

The assembled two-color silicone strap needs to be packaged to protect the strap from damage during transportation. The liquid silicone watch strap needs to be cleaned and organized before packaging to ensure a neat and beautiful appearance. Finally, put the watch strap into the packaging box and attach the product label.

Production notes:

1. The proportion of ingredients must be accurate to ensure that the mixing ratio of silicone materials meets the requirements. If the proportion of silicone products is improper, the color of the hardened strap may be uneven or the hardness may not meet the requirements.

2. Stir thoroughly to ensure that the silicone material and auxiliary materials are fully mixed and evenly mixed to avoid uneven materials and soft or hard lumps.

3. During injection molding, the temperature and time must be controlled to ensure that the silicone material hardens evenly in the thermostat to avoid problems such as hard lumps or surface deformation.

4. When making an unmoulding, be careful to handle it with care to avoid deformation or damage to the watch strap due to squeeze or impact.

5. Trim and inspect carefully to ensure that the appearance and quality of the strap meet the requirements. Unqualified straps need to be refinished or scrapped.

6. Be careful when assembling to ensure that the connection between the strap and the watch is firmly fixed to avoid problems such silicone straps such as falling off or loosening during wearing.

7. Clean and organize the watch strap before packaging to ensure a neat and beautiful appearance. At the same time, appropriate packaging boxes and protective materials should be selected to protect the watch strap from damage during transportation.


As a fashionable and practical watch accessory, the production process of two-color silicone strap requires multiple stages of fine operation and processing.

Only by mastering the correct production process points can we produce high-quality two-color silicone watch straps. At the same time, quality control during the production process is also a necessary condition to ensure product quality.

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