Silicone products production process

1. Characteristics of silicone material A. Silicone raw materials are generally gel-like, somewhat similar to plasticine, colorless, translucent, and odorless. B. Its main features are both high-temperature resistance (up to 300°C) and low-temperature resistance (minimum -100°C), which is the best cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant rubber at present; at the same time, it has excellent electrical […]

Liquid silicone molding technology and industry applications

In recent years, the application of liquid silicone has become more and more widespread, and its transfer molding technology has also been developed rapidly. Liquid silicone is a non-toxic, heat-resistant, highly recoverable flexible thermosetting material, whose rheological behavior is mainly characterized by low viscosity, rapid curing, shear thinning, and a high coefficient of thermal expansion. […]

Application of EPDM rubber in automotive rubber products

EPDM (EPDM rubber), as synthetic rubber with good elasticity, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, fresh water, and seawater resistance, is widely used in automotive rubber products, such as door and window seals, hydraulic brake hoses and seals, air conditioning ventilation ducts, seals in engine cooling systems and air conditioning refrigeration systems, hoses […]

What is rubber FDA grade? Rubber FDA food contact material testing

FDA, on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration, is a U.S. regulatory agency responsible for the safety management of food, dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines, and other biological agents, medical devices, radiological electronics, cosmetics, veterinary products, and tobacco products sold or manufactured in the U.S. The export of these FDA rubber products must do FDA […]

Types, properties, and uses of rubber

Rubber products refer to natural and synthetic rubber as raw materials to produce a variety of rubber products activities, which also includes the use of waste rubber reproduction of rubber products. Types and characteristics of rubber General-purpose rubber 1. Natural rubber NR: made from the latex of the trilobal rubber tree, the basic chemical composition […]

Excellent performance of silicone rubber and formulation design

Silicone rubber is odorless and non-toxic, not afraid of high temperatures and cold characteristics, at 300 degrees Celsius and minus 90 degrees Celsius “calm”, “face does not change color”, and still has good strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxygen resistance and aging resistance, light resistance and aging resistance, as well […]