What are the Differences Between Silicone Rubber Products and Ordinary Rubber Products?

Nowadays, silicone rubber and ordinary rubber are used in various fields in our daily lives. From rubber handles to kitchen utensils to medical and aircraft components, silicone rubber and regular rubber can be found everywhere. When designing products, especially applications reinforced with rubber components, choosing the right rubber type between silicone and rubber is crucial. […]

How to Reduce Bubbles During the Production Process of Silicone Rubber Products?

From daily life to the food field to the aviation field, the use of silicone rubber products has grown exponentially in various fields. Their wide range of uses and excellent versatility make them very popular. However, bubbles that may appear on or inside silicone rubber products during the production process may cause problems when using […]

How to Release Hardened Silicone Rubber Products from the Mold?

Silicone rubber molding is both an art and a science. Essentially, this practice allows designers to transform their design ideas or inspiration into actual products, which can range from delicate crafts all the way to industrial components. What limits this process, however, is the critical step of removing the hardened, molded silicone rubber product from […]

Is Silicone Rubber Safe for Electronics?

Silicone rubber: the material that creates modern wonders. Electronics, as well as many other products, rely on this adaptable polymer. What makes it so impressive? Consider the following special properties: Resistance to chemical corrosion and water damage, thermodynamic stability, non corrosive, flexibility and electrical insulation capabilities. Silicone rubber is ubiquitous in today’s electronics manufacturing, making […]

How to Increase the Curing Speed of a Silicone?

Silicone products are an important part of many industries because they can be used in many different ways, resist wear and tear, and remain strong when direct heat. Whether you work in electronics manufacturing, need silicone for precision circuits, or make automotive parts that must perform well at high speeds. Understanding and optimizing silicone cure […]

Why is Silicone More Expensive than Other Rubbers?

Silicone is a material that seems to be everywhere these days, from life-saving medical devices in doctor’s offices to bakeware hiding in kitchen cabinets. It is elastic, resistant to extreme temperatures, and has excellent electrical insulating properties. Silicone rubber is a versatile material used in many different industries. It has unique properties that make it […]