What are the tips for color matching silicone rubber products?

Introduction Rubber coloring requires a little experience and basic knowledge of color composition. Colors are basically composed of three primary colors. There are special standard numbers for buying natural color cards, and there are also color compositions and ratios, but this can only be used as a reference in the general direction, because the color […]

what are the properties of medical silicone tubes and which industries are they suitable for?

Introduction Due to the excellent characteristics of silicone medical grade tubing and the characteristics of fine tubes being environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless and odorless, in recent years, the silicone products of silicone products factories have been growing year by year. The application of silicone has been very extensive, and the number and variety are also […]

Specific customization parameters for silicone soap molds

Introduction Soap DIY has become very popular recently. Many supermarkets have DIY soap and toilet soap shops. Business is good. Many girls with strong hands-on skills or people who like to use safe soap materials choose to make their own soap and handmade soap. To make your own handmade soap, you’ll need a silicone soap […]

What is silicone hardware over molding process

Introduction Silicone hardware over molding, often simply referred to as over molding, is a specialized technique that brings together the versatility of silicone with the structural support of hardware components. It’s a meticulous process that encapsulates rigid hardware with silicone elastomers, resulting in products that offer the best of both worlds. The silicone encapsulation manufacturing […]

How to judge whether silicone rubber products have reached food grade positioning

Introduction In the sphere of consumer commodities, especially those designed for interfacing with foodstuffs or for application upon the human epidermis, discerning between food-grade and non-food-grade substances is paramount for safeguarding health and well-being. This holds particularly true for items fabricated from silicone rubber, a substance esteemed for its malleability, robustness, and chemically inert characteristics. […]

How to reduce the odor of silicone rubber molding

Introduction Silicone rubber molding is an adaptable and versatile manufacturing technology used in numerous industries. This approach offers several advantages, including flexibility, longevity and resiliency at extreme temperatures, making it a prime choice for deployment in automotive, electronics, medical devices and more. However, amid these benefits lies a common dilemma: the presence of powerful and […]