Silicone rubber types and applications

Silicone rubber is a rubber whose main chain is composed of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, with two organic groups usually attached to the silicon atom. Silicone rubber has good low-temperature resistance, and generally still works at -55℃. After the introduction of phenyl, it can reach -73℃. The heat resistance of silicone rubber products is […]

7 aspects when designing LSR liquid silicone injection molds

The structure of thermoset liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molds is generally similar to that of molds used for thermoplastic compounds, but there are several significant differences. For example, LSR compounds generally have a low viscosity and therefore very short filling times, even at very low injection pressures. To avoid air trapping, it is essential […]

What is rubber injection moulding?

Rubber injection molding is a versatile process that can be used to produce a variety of parts and products, from medical devices to automotive tires. This process can be used for high-volume production and to create custom or standard parts with complex shapes, as it allows manufacturers to choose from a variety of materials that […]

Top 5 Silicone Rubber Molded Factory in Finland

Finland is a highly industrialized free market economy. The output per capita is equal to that of other advanced Western countries such as France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. The largest economic sector in Finland is the service sector, which accounts for 65.7 percent of the economy. This is followed by manufacturing, which accounts for […]

Top 5 Silicone Rubber Molded Factory In Brazil

The Brazilian economy is a free market economy with an export-oriented economy. With a GDP of over $2 trillion, it is the 8th largest economy in the world and the 2nd largest in the Americas. Brazil also has one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturing industries. However, in recent years, Brazil has experienced political and […]

Top 5 Silicone Rubber Molded Factory In Ireland

Ireland has a relatively small economy that relies heavily on export trade, Ireland achieved an economic growth rate of 10%, one of the highest in Europe. The dominance of agriculture has been replaced by industry, which accounts for 38% of GDP, 80% of total exports, and 28% of labor resources. While export trade remains the […]