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In the past 30 years, the growth rate of silicone industry products has been maintained at 8% ~ 15%, far exceeding the national economic growth rate of general countries.

At present, the application of silicones in China has been very extensive, the number and varieties continue to grow, the application areas continue to expand, China has become the most promising market for organic silicon products.

Are you looking for Silicone Rubber Molded Manufacturers and Suppliers in China? We have compiled the best 10 Silicone Rubber Molded Manufacturers and Suppliers in China list for you to pick as below:

1. Zetar Mold

Location: Shanghai, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: 201-300

Main Services: Silicone Rubber Product Design, Silicone Rubber Mold Making, Silicone Rubber Product Manufacturing, Assembly, Post-processing and Packaging

Other Products: Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing, Overmolding injection molding China, Insert Molding Products, 3D printing and CNC Prototyping

Zetar Mold Company Profile

Over the past 17+ years, they have built their company into a Silicone Rubber Product Design, Silicone Rubber Mold Making, Silicone Rubber Product Manufacturing, Assembly, Post-processing, and Packaging all in one juggernaut.

Through steady organic growth and strategic acquisitions, they’ve seen decades of excellent performance. Scroll through their history to see some of their corporate highlights.

They Have Their Own Factories In Shanghai, Jiangsu And Zhejiang. In 2020, COVID-19 Spread Globally And China Was Also Greatly Affected.

In Order Not To Affect The Production Schedule Of The Projects, they Started To Set Up Sub-Factories In Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

2. Shenzhen Hanast Technology Co. Ltd

Location: Fujian Province, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2019
The number of employees: 101-200
Main Services: Silicon Rubber, Raw Material Silicone, Silica gel, Polydimethyl-methyl vinyl siloxane, Silicone Foam

Shenzhen Hanast Technology Co. Ltd Company Profile

Shenzhen Hanast Technology Co. Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as Hanast) was established on August 30, 2019. The factory is located in Sanming City, Fujian Province, covering an area of 20,000 square meters.

Hanast is a silicone raw material company integrating R&D, production, and sales, mainly engaged in conventional silicone rubber, special silicone rubber, RTV adhesive sealant, two-component electronic potting adhesive;

Thermally conductive silicone, thermally conductive silicone grease, lubricating silicone grease, damping silicone grease, platinum vulcanizing agent and other silicone raw materials, the products comply with ROHS standard, obtain SGS, FDA certification, and the enterprise passed ISO9001. 2015 certification.

Their products have obtained many national invention patents and utility model patents, and are widely used in silicone kitchenware, high-temperature wire, and cable, industrial silicon rollers, medical industry, baby products, sporting goods, adult products, new energy vehicles, and other fields.

3. Longkou Qingfeng Plastic Mould Co., Ltd

Location: Shandong, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1995
The number of employees: 51-99
Main Products: Silicone Rubber Products, Custom Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Longkou Qingfeng Plastic Mould Co., Ltd Company Profile
Longkou Qingfeng plastic mould Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a professional manufacturer of plastic mould. The company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Longkou, Shandong Province.

Their factory has complete processing equipment, adheres to the purpose of leading technology and reputation first, and strives to provide you with the best cost-effective Silicone mold products and services.

At present, the company has cooperated with more than a dozen large domestic companies. Their company has more than 60 employees, including more than 20 technicians and 10 quality management and auxiliary production personnel.

After long-term practice, they have summed up a set of successful experience in injection mold design, processing, mold trial and production, fully understood and mastered the hot runner technology, and walked in the forefront of their peers.

4. Shenzhan Qianhai Tech-Link Silicones Co.Ltd

Location: Shenzhen,China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1999
The number of employees: 51-99
Main Services: Silicone Rubber, Silicone Fluid, Liquid Silicone Rubber


Established in 1999,the Group provides high quality products by leveraging its industry knowledge and technological know-how.

1. Specialized in silicone manufacturing, with product offering including automotive, household, industrial and parts for appliances.
2. Aim to provide end-to-end service to the client from material polymerization to parts production.
3. Well experienced in multi-processing capabilities including molding, injection extrusion,Calendaring, wrapping hose and coating.
4. Meet global standard IATF16949,ISO9001,ISO14001,and BSCI certified.

5. Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries Co., Ltd.

Location: Guangzhou, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1988
The number of employees: 51-100 People
Main Services: CNC Machining Parts, Injection Molding Parts, Plastic Sheets, Plastic Tubes, Plastic Rods
Main products: MC nylon, Oil nylon, PU, POM, UHMW-PE products in rod, plate and pipe.

Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of engineering silicone rubber products and a joint-venture with comprehensive system of production, sale, design and machining.

They have full set of imported production equipment, whole set of advanced numerical control machinery, and rich experience and technology for manufacture. Since 1988, they have developed and produced different kinds of engineering plastic products for many famous customers both at home and abroad, such as: Europe, USA, Southeast Asian countries, the Mid-East, Africa, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

They have received good reputations from their customers. ISO9001 (2000) quality systems guaranteed. The quality of products meets ROHS Standard in Europe Union. As well as special quality authentication by Guangzhou OTIS Elevator Company.

6. Dongguan Lolin Technology Co., Ltd

Location: Guangdong, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: 11-50
Main Services: Plastic parts, silicone anc rubber parts, aluminum and copper parts, CNC machining parts, Moulds

Dongguan Lolin Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile

It was founded in 2008. They has SGS certification and ISO9001 quaity management system. They focus on plastics molding development;thin and thick wall molding, tight tolerance molding, LSR molding, new product development and assembly.

They serve a number of markets including industrial, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Defense, Transportation and Consumer. They consistenly exceed their customer’s expectations by empowering all associates and creating a culture that embraces improvement, lean manufacturing and supply-chain collaboration to ensure maximym value to their customers.

7. Foshan Shunde Teamwork Model Factory

Location:Guangdong, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2011
The number of employees: 51-100
Main Services: Silicone Rubber Products, Household appliances prototype, Auto prototype

Foshan Shunde Teamwork Model Factory Company Profile

Foshan Shunde Teamwork Model Factory was founded in the year 2011, based on the principle of “Teamwork, Credibility, Quality, Service”, they devote all kinds of exquisite model products for clients all over the world. They are a premier product development company that strives to provide designers and engineers support for the best product success.

They are located in mainland China—Shenzhen,close to HongKong. Their factory covers an area of 3000 square meters,they are a team of over 100 professional model makers. Their production operates non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their Technical Advisor can assist you with your project from ideas and visual designs through production processes.

Their Rapid Prototyping services include: Precision Machining; SLA; Silicone Tooling / Vacuum Casting / Pressure Casting; RIM; and Post Production Finishing (Polishing and Painting). They have the most advanced equipment, including 12 CNC machines center, 2 High-quality vacuum casting systems and 2 RIM systems, as well as excellent coordinate testing instruments .

Strong technical support strength, excellent post-processing professionals and dust-free sample processing workshop, your product can be polished, sand blasting, painting, screen printing, printing, UV processing, metal oxide, drawing, electroplating and a full set of surface finishing and treatment processes to meet customer needs for high-quality model.

8. Shandong Liancheng Rubber Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Location:Shandong, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2000
The number of employees: 51-100
Main Products: Rubber products, Plastic products, Nylon PA products, Metal products, Polyurethane products

Shandong Liancheng Rubber Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.Company

Liancheng Rubber&Plastic Technology Co.Ltd is located in the central part of the North China Plain.

It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, production, and sales. It mainly produces silicone rubber products, nylon gaskets, polyurethane-coated iron parts, polyurethane wheewheelswheel wheels, sleeves cases frameworks and l, polyurethane sleeves, plastic cases, and nylon frameworks. Can be customized according to customer demand, and the independent production design.

9. Shanghai Jason Plastic Co.,Ltd

Location: Shanghai, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2003
The number of employees: 51-100
Main Products: Plastic Products, Moulds, Silicone Rubber Products

Shanghai Jason Plastic Co.,Ltd Company Profile

Jason plastic in Shanghai has more than 15 years of experience in silicone rubber mold and products with a 10000 square meters plant and has established a reputation for producing quality products on time.

All divisions of Jason continue to grow and improve technologies and quality to meet the latest customer challenges. Now, they have 160 injection machines from 60T to 750T and this number is keeping growing.

Their advantage:
1. They have professional design team, they can help you to come true your good ideal in the actual product.

2. They are a manufacturer of silicone rubber molding, and their price is more competitive.
3. They can provide printing and assembly services and then finally test them.
4. They are more than 15 years of experience in injection molding, so they know very well customer’s demands, not only the se cost but also make the better quality.

10. Suzhou Fitwell Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Location: Jiangsu, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 51-100
Main Products: Rubber parts, Plastic parts, Custom parts, Auto parts, Motorcycle parts

Suzhou Fitwell Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Suzhou Fitwell Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd was established in 2012, it is focus on synthetic rubber and plastic industry. Their main products are Custom Rubber Parts and Custom Plastic Products.

Their products are widely used in machinery, stationery, architecture, commodity, all kinds of cars, aviation, medical, stationery, computers, food, seal element, toy, gifts, home appliance, electronic products etc.

They have three kinds of advantages. Firstly, material advantage. suitable formulas could be developed according to customers’ working conditionconditions.

Secondly, technology advantage. Their engineers could recommend sizes according to using, draw the drawings according to samples, even help to design it. OEM and ODM are welcome. Thirdly, quality advantage. quality control department especially responsible for quality checking in each process.

Moreover, you could get satisfied service there. 24 hours quick reply and they could provide professional technology support during pre-sales; they will feedback production progress regularly and ensure in time shipping during middle sales; at last, their promised 100% refund or re-dispatched if goods are unqualified.


Finding a trustworthy silicone rubber manufacturer and supplier nowadays is not that easy, especially since many new manufacturers have emerged just to keep up with the trend. But hopefully, their list was able to help you find the one that best suits your requirements. It is recommended to do a background check before creating partnerships with manufacturers because they will play a huge part in the success of your business.

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