The difference between liquid silica gel and solid silica gel

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Silica gel is widely used in the market because it does not release toxic substances, has a soft and comfortable touch, and has good physical and chemical properties at high temperatures and low temperatures (-60c~+300c). There are a few other polymers that can match it.

Strong elastomer, better than rubber sealing, excellent electrical insulation, and resistance to chemicals, fuels, oil, and water, a good material to cope with adverse environments. 

In the industry, such as oil seals, keyboard keys, electrical insulation materials, automobile parts, daily necessities such as pacifiers, artificial catheters, respirators, frog mirrors, leather shoes and sneakers, food containers, etc. 

Silicone can distinguish between solid and liquid, the former processing method is based on hot pressing transfer, while the latter raw material is mainly injection molding

Although the liquid state has higher equipment investment and raw material cost, its production speed is fast, the degree of processing is low, and the waste is less. Silicone injection molding, in the pursuit of precision, speed, and automation in the injection molding production industry, must be a future-oriented trend.

Liquid silica gel and solid silica gel difference

You can see the ingredients, one solid and one liquid. Now let’s talk about the difference between the two materials:

1. Liquid silica gel and solid appearance

(1) As the name implies, liquid silica gel is liquid and has liquidity

(2) Solid silica gel is solid, with no liquidity!

2. The use of liquid silica gel and solid silica gel

(1) Liquid silica gel is generally used in baby products, kitchen products, and medical supplies, which can directly contact food and the human body.

(2) Solid silica gel is generally used in daily necessities and industrial miscellaneous parts and auto parts, etc., the application range is relatively wide.

3. Safety of solid silica gel and liquid silica gel

(1) Liquid silica gel is a high transparency and high safety food grade material, molding without adding vulcanizing agent and other auxiliary materials, sealed feeding molding.

(2) Solid silica gel is a transparent environmental protection material, forming needs to add a curing agent to speed up curing forming time, and open mold feeding molding.

4. Liquid silica gel and solid silica gel molding method

(1) Liquid silicone is injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR): full name for injection molding liquid silicone rubber, curing equipment for injection molding machine.

Injection molding machine has a technological process that is very simple, need not be the process of high-temperature glue ingredients, mixing, blanking, material and process, only one of the workers take products), high precision products (injection molding before all the manual program be replaced by A machine), high output (A/B glue mixing, under a certain temperature for A few seconds to shape), save, save electricity, save material and so on many merits, can produce all high-temperature glue production products! It is a mainstream silicone rubber material development in the next few years.

(2) Solid silica gel molding is a raw material that is a piece of solid, through the mixing machine mixing, the cutting machine is cut into products and injection molds the appropriate size and thickness, and then into the mold, pressure molding machine under a certain temperature molding. Demoulding and plastic products about the same, also need to clean the mold.

5. Liquid silica gel and solid silica gel products how to distinguish

Liquid silica gel transparency is high, with no odor, and the product has a glue injection mouth. Solid coarse pore silica gel transparent bottom, vulcanizing agent or another cover vulcanizing agent fragrance, a product without injection mouth.

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