Six major processes of silicone products

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Saying this makes you see that life is still very similar, and the discoveries in your discoveries are not universal. The following introduces the six major processes of silicone products:

1. Molding

Compression molding, the most common type, is completed by the cooperation of the mold, and the shape of the mold determines the shape of the silicone rubber products.

The injection molded product is made of a high-temperature mold by adding a binder of raw material, which is usually an auxiliary agent, in the pressure process, and then applied by a processing machine. The high-temperature lithium sulfide is formed into a solid state.

The C hardness of the molded silicone is usually 30°-70°C. This process is relatively simple to make and is suitable for all silicone products.

2. Injection

Products exhibit thermal stability, excellent electrical insulation, substances that do not produce process resistance when burned, etc. Therefore, it has become an irreplaceable material in the production design of health products, automobiles, baby products, medical products, diving products, kitchen utensils, and seals.

3. Extrusion

Extrusion molding, extruded silicone products are usually formed by extruding silica gel through an extrusion machine. Generally, the shape of extruded silica gel is long, and the tubular shape can be cut at will.

The shape of the products made by extrusion technology is relatively simple, mostly strips. shape. Silicone tubes are widely used in the fields of medical and mechanical equipment. It can also be used as a buffer in the packaging material.

4. Calendering

The silicone rubber is kneaded and kneaded by adding silica, silicone oil, etc. to make a mixed rubber, and then the sheet is calendared. The film produced by calendering has obvious differences in physical and mechanical properties in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction.

This phenomenon is called the calendering effect. The specific performance is that the longitudinal tensile strength of the film is greater than the transverse direction, the transverse elongation at the break of the film is greater than the longitudinal direction, and the longitudinal shrinkage rate of the film is greater than the transverse direction.

The calendering effect is the result of the orientation of macromolecules and needle-like and flake-like compounds in the rubber compound along the calendering direction during the calendering process.

The size of the calendering effect is related to the composition of the rubber compound, the calendering temperature, the speed, and the speed ratio. For larger products, such as silicone sheets, silicone plates.

5. Perfusion

The operation method of filling mold: filling mold is used for relatively smooth or simple products. There is no mold line to save labor and time, that is, the product or model you want to copy is surrounded by plastic or glass plates.

Get up, pour the evacuated silica gel directly onto the product, and after the silica gel is dried and formed, take out the product and the mold is formed (Note: The perfusion mold is generally made of silica gel with relatively soft hardness, so that it is easier to demould, and it is not easy to mold. It will damage the product in the silicone mold), which is a combination of solid and liquid and is used in products such as mobile phone covers, luggage covers, etc.

6. Coating

Fast vulcanization; strong adhesion; good fluidity and easy defoaming. Using platinum complex catalysis, non-toxic, no peculiar smell; excellent thermal stability and cold resistance (use temperature -60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃) after molding.

It has good air permeability, heat resistance, and certain tensile strength; non-slip Excellent performance; no pollution; low hardness; strong bonding with plant glue.

High tear strength; high transparency; good tensile properties. Wear-resistant, washable, high temperature resistant; high three-dimensional level, the fabric is smooth, soft, flexible, and has excellent texture, good elasticity, and is resistant to washing and dry cleaning. Applied to the cloth, it has an anti-aging effects. Such as silicone gloves, rain boots, etc.

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