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The Philippines is the fourth largest emerging industrial country in Southeast Asia and one of the world’s emerging markets, ranked by the World Bank as the 24th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity in 2004.

The Philippine economy is composed of agriculture and industry, with special emphasis on food processing, textiles and garments, as well as electronics and automotive components.

The Philippine mining industry still has great potential, with large reserves of ferrochrome, nickel and copper. The recent discovery of natural gas in the outer islands of Para Bay also adds to the Philippines’ rich energy reserves of geothermal, hydro and coal.

Are you looking for Silicone Rubber Molded Manufacturers and Suppliers in Philippines? We have compiled the Top 5 Silicone Rubber Molded Manufacturers and Suppliers in Philippines list for you to pick as below:

1. RK Rubber Enterprise Co.

Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1992
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Marine Rubber Products, Industrial Rubber Products, Civil Engineering Products, Mechanical Rubber Products

RK Rubber Company Profile

As a silicone rubber manufacturer in Philippines, they are dedicated in providing high-quality services by having strong communication and understanding with the customers to help them find the perfect solution that fits their problem.

Along with the help of knowledgeable and skilled professionals, they can get the rubber molded parts done with high precision that would perfectly satisfy your needs.

As one of the leading silicone rubber manufacturer in Philippines, they at RK Rubber aims to satisfy and go beyond expectations by supplying a line of high-quality engineered rubber products to help such industries present a quality product to the people.

Industrial seals, bumpers, gaskets, shock absorbers, etc., are only some of the many functions of industrial rubber. RK Rubber also provides a food-grade rubber for applications used with consumables and other vital rubber parts for your application.

2. Naigai Rubber Philippines Corporation

Location: Batangas, Philippines
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2007
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Manufacture of tank floats for automobiles, cushion rubber for sonar sensors and sports equipment

Through manufacture of floats for automobile fuel tanks at FPIP in the Philippines They will provide high quality products and contribute to society.

They manufacture fuel floats and tank floats with advanced technical capabilities. They maintain a very high position in the domestic and major automobile manufacturers.

Manufactures low-vibration, low-vibration products such as “Hanenite”, a vibration-damping rubber that absorbs energy and absorbs little energy even when subjected to external forces.

3. Rubber Supplier Philippines

Location:Imus Cavite, Philippines
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1989
The number of employees: 100-199
Main Products: Silicone Rubber Sheet, Silicone Rubber Strips

Rubber Supplier Philippines Company Profile

JMAT has committed to meeting their customers custom molded silicone and rubber needs. Their expertise enables them to provide solutions to the most difficult applications. They focus on the design and manufacture of silicone rubber products which are mainly used in consumer electronic devices, automotive rubber parts, food industries, manufacturing plants etc.

They do supply custom made silicone rubber sheet, silicone rubber bushing, silicone plug, silicone stopper, silicone gasket, silicone hose, silicone block, silicon block, silicone jig, silicone footing, silicone strips, silicone sponge and whatever kind of silicone you want us to fabricate.

Rubber Supplier Philippines also known as “JMAT” with a brand name of “MATLEX” is a corporation specializing in the production of industrial and construction rubber materials. They are known and trusted by big companies.

Customization is their advantage. You can design and they will manufacture the products that you need and meet customer satisfaction according to customer’scustomers’ drawings, samples, and ideas. They make the molds by ourselves, so we can provide you with competitive prices and products.

4. J. F. Rubber Phils., Inc.

Location: Cavite, Philippines
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1992
The number of employees: 100-199
Main Products: Grommets and covers for automotive wiring harness, Small rubber tires for toy and toy accessories applications, Dampers, bush caps, seals, boots, clutch cover, cap breathers, O-rings and packing for filter systems

J. F. Rubber Phils., Inc. Company Profile

J. F. Rubber Phils., Inc. manufactures silicone rubber parts for the automotive and electronic industries. The company also produces and supplies rubber compound to other companies. Its factory is located at Block 2, Lot 6 of the People’s Technology Complex – Special Economic Zone in Carmona, Cavite, Philippines.

The company was established last 17 January 1992 under its previous name – JP-Aoki Rubber Philippines, Inc. It is a joint venture project of Filipino and Japanese Stockholders. It was also in 1992 when factory construction started and two pioneer employees were sent to Akita, Japan for training.

Factory construction was completed on April 1993. At the same time, the machineries and equipment for manufacturing arrived and were installed.

The first batch of production employees were trained and initial production and testing of silicone rubber parts were made on May 1993. The factory’s commercial operation started 7 July 1993.

5. Manila Rubber Corporation

Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1962
The number of employees: 100-199
Main Products: Rubber, Rubber Tiles, Rubber Floor, Rubber Mat, Tiles, Stair Nosing, Chair Mat, Oval Track, Artificial Grass, Doormat, Rubber Flooring

Manila Rubber Corporation Company Profile

Manila Rubber Corporation was established in 1962 in the Philippines primarily as a manufacturer of rubber soling materials. Over the last decades, the company has gone from strength to strength, to where it is today by diversifying and developing resilient rubber floorings in the forms of tiles, rolls, sheets and bricks. Today, the company is recognized as the leading silicone rubber manufacturer in the Philippines and continues to be the reason of our existence.

Manila Rubber Corporation is committed in providing world-class sports, safety and rubber flooring solutions. Their products are highly recommended and preferably used by experts such as architects, interior designers, landscape artists, engineers, contractors, developers as well as athletes, trainers and sports enthusiasts for areas where slip resistance, noise reduction, resiliency, impact absorption and comforts are essential.

If You’re Looking For More Silicone Rubber Molded Manufacturers, Also You Can Choose A Chinese Injection Mold Supplier: Zetar Mold

Zetar Mold

Location: Shanghai, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: 201-300

Main Services: Silicone Rubber Product Design, Silicone Rubber Mold Making, Silicone Rubber Product Manufacturing, Assembly, Post-processing and Packaging

Other Products: Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing, Overmolding injection molding China, Insert Molding Products, 3D printing and CNC Prototyping

Zetar Mold Company Profile

Over the past 17+ years, we have built our company into a Silicone Rubber Product Design, Silicone Rubber Mold Making, Silicone Rubber Product Manufacturing, Assembly, Post-processing and Packaging all in one juggernaut.

Through steady organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we’ve seen decades of excellent performance. Scroll through our history to see some of our corporate highlights.

We Have Our Own Factories In Shanghai, Jiangsu And Zhejiang. In 2020, COVID-19 Spread Globally And China Was Also Greatly Affected.

In Order Not To Affect The Production Schedule Of The Projects, They Started To Set Up Sub-Factories In Jiangsu and Zhejiang.


Finding a trustworthy silicone rubber manufacturer and supplier nowadays is not that easy, especially since many new manufacturers have emerged just to keep up with the trend. But hopefully, their list was able to help you find the one that best suits your requirements. It is recommended to do a background check before creating partnerships with manufacturers because they will play a huge part in the success of your business.

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